A Beginner’s Guide to Fire Damage Restoration

Has your property ever been damaged by a fire? When it comes to fire-related deaths, residential properties are leading with 72%. You will also find that 76.4% of fire-related injuries occur on residential properties, with residential fires being responsible for 46.4% of fire-related money loss (per the U.S. Fire Administration). That can be quite stressful. However, once that happens, you need to move ahead with the fire damage restoration as soon as possible. This will help you ensure that things get back to normal quickly. Here is what you need to know about fire damage restoration.

What to Do Immediately After a Fire

Do not remove any items from the structure, even if they appear undamaged. When a fire occurs, the interior of the structure becomes pressurized due to the heat, and all items are affected by smoke, even if they appear unharmed. Once the structure is deemed safe by the local fire department, you will want to have a professional fire damage repair contractor assess the site with you and your insurance representative, to determine the next course of action.

Damage Assesment

It’s important to call a fire damage contractor as soon as possible after a fire. They will start by performing an assessment of the damage caused by the fire. This usually involves checking out how far the fire and smoke have penetrated into the structure of the building. This will give them an idea of how extensive the clean-up needs to be. At this stage, they will also determine what should be discarded and what can be restored. Once this thorough assessment is complete, they will have a better idea of the scope of work that needs to be done and how long it might take. They will also come up with a cost estimate.

Demolition and Dry Out

Before the demolition starts, the fire damage contractor will start by securing the property. Once that’s done, they will then do all it takes to prevent further damage to your property. For instance, they will start removing water. They will also remove damaged drywall, flooring, and any other materials. As soon as the water has been removed, the clean-up starts. During this stage, the contractor takes time to clean smoke and soot from the interior and exterior surfaces. They will also use deodorizing agents to do away with all lingering smoke odors. Clean-up also involves duct cleaning. This is done to do away with soot, smoke, and debris.

Once all this is done, the construction and restoration teams then take over. Once everything has been restored to its original condition, you can then move back into your home. Get in touch with us if you need fire damage restoration services.

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