3 Signs You Have a Mold Problem

Mold is not only destructive to a home’s interior, but it can also destroy a home’s furniture and foundation and can even be damaging to your health. Below are some telltale signs that you have a mold problem. If you notice any of these signs, it’s best to call mold removal companies for help.

1. Visible and Spreading Mold Growth

If you notice any mold growing on your walls, this is one of the major signs of damage to your home. Mold can range in color from green to black, with black mold being one of the most damaging to your home. Black mold can spread quickly and can begin in your home’s bathroom, kitchen, or other areas where there are high humidity levels.

2. Musty Smells

According to ComfyLiving, the best way to prevent mold growth is by keeping humidity levels below 50%. To do so, you can turn on your home’s air conditioner. Doing so will help circulate the air in your home and reduce humidity levels by getting rid of excess moisture.

If you have mold damage, there may be a musty smell coming from the vents of your air conditioning unit. If this is a new smell that you haven’t noticed before, it could be a sign of bacteria or mold coming from your ductwork. It’s best to contact mold removal companies in your area to examine your ductwork and remove any harmful spores. If there are spores in your vents, they can quickly cause damage to your family’s health. Increased allergies and asthma symptoms can all arise from a mold problem.

3. Damaged Furniture

Mold has a tendency to grow on areas of the home that are prone to water or moisture damage. You might notice mold growing on areas such as in drywall, in the wood itself causing rot, within wallpaper, and even on furniture. This is especially true if your furniture is made of upholstery materials such as soft fabrics. If you notice any mold growing on these fabrics, make sure to speak with a professional right away to examine the surrounding areas of your home.

The sooner you take action and get rid of mold using the help of mold removal companies, the sooner you can rest assured that your home won’t be permanently damaged by harmful mold and bacteria. If you’re looking for one of the best mold removal companies, contact Restoration Pro today.

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