Most homes which are kept clean and orderly don’t usually have any interior odors, but if you have any kind of unnoticed water damage in your house, it can quickly lead to a persistent odor that just won’t go away. If this happens to your Boise, Idaho home, you should call in a specialist from Restoration Pro as soon as possible, to have the unpleasant odor investigated, and to determine if any water damage has occurred.

Whenever any area of your household has suffered water damage, there’s a possibility that mold or mildew may have started developing, and that will quickly lead to a strong odor which needs to be addressed. Of course, there are many other sources of unpleasant odors which might be affecting your home as well, for instance urine from your pets, grease odors in the kitchen area, smoke which has permeated the walls, or even temporary odors like the smelly release from a skunk. When you’re just not sure what’s causing the smell in your Boise, Idaho home, you should call Restoration Pro to be sure.

The best treatment for household odors 

Many homeowners don’t immediately react to unpleasant odors in the household, partly because they don’t consider it a pressing issue, and partly because, after a while they don’t even notice the smell anymore. Some people will even try to cover up the foul odor with air fresheners and other pleasant-smelling odors which are intended to cancel out the bad smell.

However, none of these fixes really addresses the real problem, and the source of the odor will probably still remain untreated somewhere in your home. This is especially true if mold or mildew have developed as a result of water damage. If mold or mildew are the sources of your foul odors, you should contact Restoration Pro immediately, so that the mold and mildew can be removed and disposed of professionally.

If mold or mildew are allowed to continue growing unchecked in your home, they can cause serious damage to the building materials used in your home, and they can also cause health problems for all the occupants. Any building materials in your home which have been bothered with mold or mildew will have to be removed as well, because they will not be restored simply by drying them out.

In addition, even once you’ve removed the mold or mildew itself, you’ll still have to find the source of the moisture which allowed it to develop. You could have leaky pipes somewhere in your walls, or water may be trickling in from a leaky roof, or some crack in your exterior siding. For the most part, any foul odors in your home will quickly be identified by a Restoration Pro specialist, since their years of experience have taught them about virtually every smell known to mankind.

Other causes of unpleasant odors

You could have a very unusual cause for the unpleasant odor which permeates your household, for instance a decomposing animal in your attic or basement. Our well-trained specialists at Restoration Pro have been exposed to these kinds of smells, as well as a great many others, so they are adept at identifying what it is that’s afflicting your household.

You could have a build up of debris and pollutants in the ductss which carry conditioned air throughout the household, and this could be providing bad smelling air all around the home. Regardless of the source of your unpleasant odors, our Restoration Pro specialist will be able to identify it, remove it, and take whatever steps are necessary to clean the affected area, so that the smell will be effectively eliminated.

Don’t wait for weeks or months before taking action on unpleasant odors in your Boise, Idaho household. Contact us at Restoration Pro, so that we can bring the benefit of our years of experience to your household, and so we can remediate whatever bad-smelling problem you have quickly and effectively.