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Flood and Water Damage Removal service

Whether from a natural event or a sewer backup, flooding can cause serious damage to the structure of your home, as well as your personal belongings and furniture. Not only does standing water pose a potential hazard to your flooring and walls, it can also act as a breeding ground for mold spores and bacteria, jeopardizing the health of your family. It’s important to remove any standing water as soon as possible. That’s where we come in. Here at Restoration Pro, we can help clean up and restore your home after a flood and can help remove any standing water left behind. Not only that, we also specialize in rebuilding and restoring water damage surfaces, such as flooring and walling, so you aren’t left with the cleanup.

Below are some of the water removal services that we offer at Restoration Pro.

Drying Out Your Home

Whether you’ve had a burst or frozen pipe, a sprinkler malfunction, or need a cleanup team after extinguishing a fire, it’s important to remove any remaining water as soon as possible. If you’ve experienced flooding in the Boise, Idaho area, give us a call. Ensuring that any standing water has been cleaned up immediate is our number one priority. However, once the danger has passed, lingering humidity and hidden water can be just as dangerous to your home as standing water. Damp, moist areas that are trapped in spaces like your walls or basement can act as a home for dangerous molds that can threaten your health. Not only that, but excess humidity can lead to electrical problems, as it exposes the wiring in your walls to corrosion. With our team of water removal experts, we can help make sure that there are no lingering surprises left behind after all the water has been removed. We offer:

  • Water Clean Up Icon

    Immediate water removal and clean up

  • Humidity monitoring & Dehumidification

  • Water damage repairs and restoration

  • Mold Icon

    Mold remediation

  • Dehumidification Icon

    Furniture drying and restoration

  • Wall and flooring repair

Making sure your home is in peak condition after flooding is our number one priority. Not only do we offer 24/7 emergency flooding services, we will also walk you through our services to make sure you know what to expect. We use top of the line drying and dehumidifying techniques to ensure that your home is as dry as possible in no time. We also offer furniture restoration services, so that you don’t have to worry about replacing your possessions. After the immediate danger has passed, we will use humidity monitors to check the rest of your home for potential residual humidity. If there are any areas that have been subjected to more humidity than others, we do a mold screening to ensure that no spores have taken hold. If any mold is discovered during our sweep, we will immediately begin mold remediation to prevent further issues down the road.

Flooding Clean Up and Water Removal Services

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Having your home flood is an unsettling experience that can leave you feeling like you don’t know what to do next. With our emergency response services, we can help get your home high and dry in no time, without risking extensive damages to your home. Standing water can cause both surficial and structural damage to your home, which is why it’s important to take care of any leaks as soon as they happen. In order to remove the water in your home, you should call in a team of experts who can track areas where water may become trapped or linger behind. By calling in the professionals, you can rest easy knowing your home is in good hands, and can even save yourself more serious repairs down the road. If you have experienced flooding in your home or place of work, or need water removal from any business or residential area, give us a call. Here at Restoration Pro, our team of trained restoration professionals will help make sure your home is safe, dry, and comfortable again in no time. At Restoration Pro, let the pros work for you.