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In Boise, Idaho, while the summers are fantastic, the winter ice storms and wind can cause issues for your home and for your local trees. While the tree on your front lawn may look lovely in the fall with its beautiful colors, it may look less lovely when it has fallen in your yard or worse, on the roof of your home. Whether you are looking for general tree and branch removal after a heavy storm, or have had a branch or tree fall on your home, our team of tree removal specialists is here to help. When it comes to fallen or broken trees, ensuring that everything is properly cleaned up and removed safely can help save you headaches down the road, and can save you from further damage caused by cracked siding or roof damages. Things like dislodged shingles can lead to a leaking roof in the future, which can cause a whole slew of problems ranging from mold to electrical failure and structural damages to your home. That is why it is important to have any trees or branches that fall on your home during a storm taken care of by the professionals. Not only is our team trained in tree removal, we offer 24/7 emergency tree response services in the Boise, Idaho area, so you are never left in the wind when a tree falls on your home. At Restoration Pro, we make sure your home is in good shape and help take care of any large or unwieldy branches on your home. We can also help with stump and root removal, so you aren’t left with a broken stump on your front lawn after the storm.

Below are some of the services we offer, as well as the potential dangers that a falling tree can cause.

Home Damage Fallen Tree Removal

Tree Removal: The Basics

Once a tree falls on your home, in some cases the damages are obvious, such as larger trees that break through walls or roofing and damage the structural integrity of your home. In other cases, the after-effects of a fallen tree can go largely unnoticed. If not taken care of as soon as possible, tree damage can lead to:

  • Mold Icon


  • Roofing Service Icon

    Roof and wall leaks

  • Water Damage

  • Sink Icon

    Electrical corrosion

  • Structural damage

  • Inspection Icon

    And more

By making sure that you call in the professionals to remove any fallen trees, you can ensure that you catch any potential issues before they become a larger problem. Not only that, our team of tree removal experts have the latest tools and technologies to safely remove and transport fallen trees and boughs. By using these methods, we can help prevent injuries to both you and your home, as well as ensure that there are no future complications due to poorly removed or transported parts of a tree. We also offer root and stump removal services to help clean up your lawn and avoid future root and rot related issues.

Home Damage Repair and Reconstruction Services

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Ensuring that your home is in one piece after a storm or other event doesn’t have to be complicated. If you have a tree or bough fall on or around your home, give us a call. With our 24/7 emergency tree removal services and our team of trained professionals, we can help get your home back to normal in no time. Our team is trained to take care of any tree, no matter the size. Not only can we remove and transport fallen trees, we can also provide consultation for remaining damages to your home and offer our restoration services, to help ensure that there are no future issues down the line. By hiring a team of restoration and tree removal professionals, you can be sure that your home and your family are in good hands and can spend less time worrying after a storm and more time enjoying the sunshine. If you are looking for tree removal services in the Boise, Idaho area, give our office a call. We’d be happy to help you get to the root of the problem in no time. At Restoration Pro, let the professionals work for you.