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After the fire has been extinguished, making sure your home is smoke-free is the next step when it comes to restoring your home after a fire. While it may not seem that smoke can do extensive damage to your home, here at Restoration Pro in Boise, Idaho, we have seen too many cases of untreated smoke that has led to extensive (and expensive) home damage, as well as a lingering smell that is hard to get out without professional help. That’s why we specialize in smoke damage restoration and soot removal, to help clean up the lingering effects of a house fire and to help prevent future damages down the road.
The first step to cleaning a home damaged by smoke is to do a deep clean. This involves removing all traces of the smoke from every area of the home, including within the walls and even in areas that were not directly touched by the fire. Since smoke can travel long distances, and its odors can cling to surfaces long after the smoke is gone, it is important to make sure to deep clean any surface in your home to help remove all traces of the fire.

Dangers of Smoke Damage

Exposure to lingering smoke, soot, and airborne particles can cause health issues, from lung irritation and general nausea to lasting illnesses and in some cases even cancer. This happens because many of the structural components of your home, while safe in their normal state, can cause serious harm to you and your family when burned. Some of these materials include:


While PVC is an amazing material that is most likely used throughout your home, especially for plumbing, once ignited it can produce potentially deadly compounds, including phosgene, hydrogen chloride, chloromethane, dioxin, Bromomethane, and halocarbons, all of which you should try to avoid coming into contact with on a regular basis.


While not used in modern homes, if your home was built between 1950 and 1980, the odds of it containing some form of asbestos is incredibly high. This can lead to airborne and potentially hazardous particles floating around your home after a fire. Asbestos has been linked to various forms of cancer, including mesothelioma, which is why it is important to not leave it lingering around.


Sulfur creates sulfur dioxide, which in turn can cling to various surfaces and leave behind that iconic smoky scent that is so hard to get rid of. That’s why it’s important to make sure there are no lingering sulfur dioxide deposits in your home after a fire.


Carbon is found in a wide range of household items and can leave lingering problems behind once ignited, such as carbon monoxide poisoning, tar, ammonia, hydrogen, nitrogen, and other harmful chemicals inside of your home.

If your home has suffered from smoke or soot damage in Boise, Idaho, it’s important to call in the professionals. Our team of quick-working, dedicated restoration workers can help clean up your home in no time. With state-of-the-art clean up technology, we here at Restoration Pro can help get your home back to its original state and help preserve your home. Making sure that your home is professionally restored especially after smoke damage can help prevent further damage, as smoke and soot residue can slowly eat away at surfaces, leaving them pock-marked and odorous. That’s why making sure to call in the experts to help restore your home is crucial to ensuring everything goes smoothly. With our 24/7 emergency services and consultation experts on the line to help answer any questions you may have, Restoration Pro can take some of the smoke and mirrors out of getting your home restored, so you can get back your normal, smoke- free home in no time.

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Aide Salinas
Aide Salinas
08:20 10 Jan 21
So I ended up hiring this company to come out to my home and help with a small fire clean up. They were hired to ... clean up the smoke residue through out my home and to clean up the water damage done to the wall where the fire was being extinguished. We were told that we needed to be out of our home for a whole week so that they could come in and clean up and fix the area that was destroyed. So while I allowed this company to come into my home I stayed in a hotel and when time was up. They called me saying that my home was done and ready for me to move back in. To my surprise my home was not ready , there was a bigger mess then before. This company did not clean off the residue smoke from my walls, the counters still had smoke residue, and to make matters worse they hadn’t even patched up the wall and the ceiling that they were hired to repair. The worse thing of all is that the crew members who were cutting up the floor board, backwall and the ceiling didn’t isolate the area.they allowed wood debri, insulation to go into my furnace and yes through out my home. So now I am stuck with a bigger mess then before. Now I have to deal with insulation debri and smoke residue throughout my home and also lingering cleaner smell. Please please if you hire this company watch them carefully, because what should of been a Seven day job is now costing me and my family 14 days outside of our home and having to hire a new clean up crew. I am just giving an honest review, I normally don’t give reviews but I feel that people should be informed of what kind of work is expected if you were to hire this more
Tyler Patterson
Tyler Patterson
00:03 14 Nov 20
The team at Restoration Pro is very professional and responds quickly. I have used them multiple times at my house and... place of work. Zach is quick to respond and take care of the problem. This is a great more
Sherrie Trefren
Sherrie Trefren
15:49 29 Oct 20
Came to the rescue!!Zach and his team at Restoration Pro were so great! They came quickly and cleaned up a huge flood... in our basement. They were fast, clean, and professional. Thank you a hundred times over for making a disaster seem like no big deal!!read more
Lorrie Ferris
Lorrie Ferris
19:38 08 Jul 20
I would give them 10 stars if I could! Matt, Eric, the entire crew and subcontractors were EXCEPTIONAL in every way. ... Response time, communications, workmanship, coordination of work crews/materials delivery was outstanding! I could not believe they could do my renovations in two days but my kitchen was back in business! Thank You!!!!read more
Quentin Duncan
Quentin Duncan
04:52 06 Feb 20
Matt and his team responded immediately to our bathroom flooding. Matt and Eric made our miserable situation into a... positive experience. They explained the process of repairing the water damage and let us know we were in good hands. The Restoration Pro team was very prompt, friendly, and professional. My wife and I had overwhelming circumstances and were extremely busy bringing our son into this world and Eric, our project manager, worked around our crazy schedules with no problems at all. I would 110% recommend Restoration Pro to anyone. The team had great craftsmanship and it was obvious they were very experienced. My wife and I have had other contractors do work for us before and Restoration Pro trumps anyone else that has worked with more
RK wilfong
RK wilfong
23:36 05 Feb 20
Restoration Pro was great. Quick and very high quality. Crew were all friendly and consideret. They kept things clean... as possible. I will recommend. Restoration Pro to anyone that needs emergency more
Truth Seekers
Truth Seekers
15:04 04 Feb 20
Quality - Excellent. A "one time" major project in 2019 (see disclaimer).Responsiveness: ExemplaryProfessionalism:... No wasted time.Good at keeping you informed of schedule, arrival, and status of the work in progress. Kept their word.Value: "Exceptional" caring.DISCLAIMER: Starting 2021, only businesses that have done consistent quality, respect, and care "over time" shall get posted on Google reviews. Your experience may not be good if you choose a business due to a review of one isolated customer event There have been businesses that got a true "first time" review -- but afterward their service or attitude fell through, noticeably. Reviews of an "exceptionally" bad experience will remain to protect more
April MacKenzie
April MacKenzie
20:11 02 Jan 20
I am currently working with another company, I called Restoration Pro to get some context regarding my problems with... the current company I am using. Kevin spent 11 minutes on the phone with me. We talked about reasonable time lines, communication expectations, what I could do to move things along, and what the challenges are for general contractors to complete projects. He gave a very balanced view, knowing I already had a disaster company engaged and he wasn't getting my business on this more
Rick Archuleta
Rick Archuleta
20:51 10 Jul 19
This company is simply THE BEST! After one company came in and made our crawl space worse we contacted Restoration Pro... to come in and do the job right. They completely remediated the space and resolved the problems. All the workers were professional and respectful, going the extra mile to cover floors and closets while working. Highly recommend Restoration Pro... the true professionals!read more
Cindy Roche
Cindy Roche
16:50 05 Apr 19
Restoration Pro saved us when our kitchen was flooded!!! They did a fantastic job helping us through the process of a... complete remodel of our kitchen, Thankyou so much??read more
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