The first thing to do when you discover mold in your home or in your place of business, is to just avoid panicking, and resist the temptation to try and handle it all yourself. You might well do a good job of removing the mold which is visible and easily detectable, but you could also leave behind a body of mold which isn’t as noticeable, and continues to degrade your walls or floors, while also creating a health hazard.

Any mold which is growing in your home can represent a serious issue for the house itself and all its occupants. The primary causes of mold growing in homes are accumulating water due to leaks, poor ventilation which leads to humid conditions, and flooding situations. While your home might be fortunate to be situated in a zone where flooding rarely occurs, you can certainly be subject to high humidity, and that creates enough moisture for mold to develop.

It’s also true that almost any home can develop leaks in the piping system, from the roofing system, or even from exterior siding, which causes water to accumulate in certain spots. Whatever the cause of the moisture, it creates ideal conditions for the development and growth of mold, and if the mold is not discovered quickly, it can cause serious health issues for anyone exposed to it for a period of time. That makes it important for all homeowners in Boise, Idaho to ensure that mold is detected, ideally by professional such as those at Restoration Pro, who are well-trained and highly skilled at mold discovery.

When you do discover mold

There are certain steps you should always take when you discover mold in your Boise, Idaho home, or at your place of business. The first thing you should do is call the experts at Restoration Pro, and have your home tested for mold by the professionals. It is simply not wise to try to remove the mold on your own before having it tested, because it’s very important to know exactly which type of mold is growing, as well as how widespread that growth is.

When you call in the professionals, you can count on your home being thoroughly inspected and tested for any type of mold growth, and you can be sure that it will all be found and treated appropriately. After your service professional from Restoration Pro has thoroughly investigated your home, and has found all instances of mold growth, you should discuss with him/her any unusual symptoms which you’ve had.

These might include headaches, unusual fatigue, itching or burning around the eyes, sore throats, and persistent allergies. If any of these symptoms are not normal for members of your family, and have only recently been manifested, your next step should be to set up an appointment with your family doctor. When visiting your doctor, you should inform him/her that you have recently discovered mold growing in your home, so that they will know what to do about a treatment program.

People who are exposed for long periods of time to toxic mold have developed some very serious, long-term health issues which can be difficult to treat, and difficult to recover from. After being informed by your Restoration Pro specialist that mold has been found growing somewhere in your home, you should discuss a procedure with your specialist for having that mold removed completely.

When you arrange with Restoration Pro to have your Boise, Idaho home cleansed of all mold and mildew growth, you can be confident that the problem has been completely removed, and that all building materials have been treated thoroughly, so that no return of the mold is possible. The bottom line when discovering mold growth in your home is, that a professional remediation service such as Restoration Pro needs to be contacted immediately, so that all further damage is halted, and all health issues can be avoided.