How to Handle a Mold Discovery

The first thing to do when you discover mold in your home or in your place of business, is to just avoid panicking, and resist the temptation to try and handle it all yourself. You might well do a good job of removing the mold which is visible and easily detectable, but you could also…

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The Cause and Treatment of Household Odors

Most homes which are kept clean and orderly don’t usually have any interior odors, but if you have any kind of unnoticed water damage in your house, it can quickly lead to a persistent odor that just won’t go away. If this happens to your Boise, Idaho home, you should call in a specialist from…

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water damaged ceiling

How to Detect Water Damage

Most people think that damage from water leaks is easily detectable and can be spotted very quickly in the home or the workplace. In truth however, most water damage leaks start slowly, and water damage is very often hidden or only partially visible because water pipes are situated behind walls, under floorboards, and sometimes even…

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Remodel and New Construction Service

What People Are Saying About Us

My husband Kirk and I have worked professionally with Michael and Matthew on multiple projects over the last six years. The projects ranged from new construction on commercial buildings and custom homes to water and fire damaged homes and restaurants. We are architects and have worked with many contractors over our careers. Dealing with Restoration…

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