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Water Extraction Specialists

Our water removal and restoration professionals will respond quickly to your water damage emergency. Our water extraction flood trucks have the latest water vacuum technology to quickly remove any standing or flowing water. At Restoration Pro, we can handle all water extraction and damage situations from frozen pipe breaks to large scale flooding. Our trained water removal personnel will make sure your water damage situation is handled swiftly and professionally. Our mold specialists will also work to minimize potential mold growth, which can create unnecessary damage and increase your costs.


To Do’s Until We Arrive:

  • Disable power to outlets and electrical devices before entering the water damaged area.
  • Wipe excess water from furniture after removing electrical devices.
  • Remove wet upholstery and set upright with cushions facing zipper down to dry.
  • Place aluminum foil or wood blocks between furniture legs and wet carpet.
  • In summer turn on air conditioning for maximum drying. In winter, increase temperature and crack windows.
  • Open drawers and cabinet doors to dry.
  • Remove valuable keepsakes and antiques to a dry location.
  • Prop up and open suitcases and luggage to dry in warm, sunlit areas.
  • Place cans under moisture filled ceilings and punch holes to release water.


  • Attempt to do your own water extraction until you call us
  • Enter wet living spaces until you’re sure no electrical hazards exist.
  • Leave wet fabrics in place; take down and dry as soon as possible.
  • Leave paper or other colored items on wet carpets or floors.
  • Use your household vacuum for water removal.
  • Use any electrical devices while standing on wet carpet or floors.
  • Turn on ceiling fixtures if ceiling is wet.
  • Enter sewer contaminated water areas and track contamination into areas that have not been affected.

Crawl Spaces

The majority of homes in Boise, Valley County, and the Treasure Valley, have crawl spaces below them. Due to the nature of water flow always moving to the lowest possible level, crawl spaces are at risk. Moisture can collect and when oxygen is present, mold can develop. This is why it’s extremely important to contact Restoration Pro at the first sign of trouble. We’ll help you with water removal and repair any water damage in your crawlspace.


Michael, I wanted to thank you and Matthew for the wonderful work you did at my home. I never thought a shower leak could have caused so much damage. As you know, I’m in my 80’s and have never had a situation like this before. Thanks for taking the time to explain what was going on and being patient with me. Vivian Sturdivan, Nampa, Idaho

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